Zahar Kids Lebanon – Children's Apparel Store - Gift Card

gift card

At Pearl Brands, we understand that finding the perfect gift is not always the easiest thing to do. As such, we've developed a gift card available to buy and use at any of our retailers. The gift card is valid for one year and can be used over multiple transactions as a partial payment method

A. Where to find it
•   You can purchase the Gift Card from any Pearl Brands store
B. Where to use it
•   Can be used in any Pearl Brands stores except for WSPR by Sylvie Saliba
C. How to use it
•   The Gift Card may be presented for a full or partial payment to purchase from any Pearl Brands store
•   The amount of purchase will be deducted from the balance of the card
•   The gift card balance can be checked at any Pearl Brands Store
•   The outstanding balance will also be displayed at the bottom of your receipts
D. Terms & Conditions
•   Gift Cards are valid for 1 year from purchase date
•   Sales team will record the card validity where appropriate on the card at purchase
Customers can also check the validity of the card at any Pearl Brands store
•   Pearl Brands SAL is not responsible for any loss, stolen or damaged cards
•   It cannot be used as a credit/debit card and has no implied warranties
•   It is redeemable for merchandise only and cannot be used to make payments on any charge account
•   Pearl Brands reserves the right to deactivate or reject any Gift Card issued or procured, directly or indirectly, in connection with fraudulent actions
•   Pearl Brands stores are listed on Pearl Brands website. (
•   The purchaser of the Gift card is entitled exclusively for accumulating points under Pearl Brands Loyalty program. Users of the card will not be entitled for the same
•   Pearl Brands systems records will constitute the final and indisputable account of balances and movements of any card activity
•   Pearl Brands reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time when required. Customers will be notified in store of any changes